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    Our engine searches through full text of 10K filings from all 6,950 publicly traded companies within our database

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What is 10KGenius?

10KGenius is a low-cost, no frills, easy-to-use 10-K filing keyword search engine. 10KGenius is a time-saver and cost-saver for those looking to uncover information and opportunites within 10-K filings of publicly-traded companies.

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Simply type in your keyword(s) and search results populate as you type. Click on a search result and easily navigate through keywords within the document.

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We use powerful cloud technology to scan thousands of documents to provide you with relevant results instantly.

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After sign-up, simply log into 10KGenius and type in any keyword(s) to search through our entire database of 10-K filings. In real-time, snippets of text appear with keyword(s) requested. Click "Read More" and the full original 10-K filing with requested keyword(s) appear highlighted.

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